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Tony Henderson-Newport

A New Zealander to the bone, Tony is well travelled and has worked on many of the world's continents. He has had a passion for personal growth for over 25 years and believes the ethos of striving to be one's best is our most challenging journey, alongside of course, trying to understand how to be a great parent!!! 

The Inspiration for Semaine, as the author puts it, “In the mid 70’s I read a small novel written by Richard Bach called Jonathan Livingston Seagull. The story was about a young seagull striving to be the best flying seagull he could be. The parallel to our human behaviour was inescapable and it was a message that was and still is important for me. It would be my wish that my chameleon Semaine will inspire others the way that a small seagull called Jonathan inspired me all those years ago." 

Tony is also founder of Rebel Business School Aotearoa, Kea Inspire, Bizezi (a global app to help small business owners) and Semaine (named after his novel).