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Rebekah Burgess Photography & Poetry

Rebekah Burgess usually lives in Plimmerton in a falling down old bach she refuses to pull down and rebuild as people have advised her to do. Instead, she’s recreating it.

That’s the premise behind pretty much everything Rebekah does. She’s a lover of the old school, and is particularly drawn to beauty in nature, fashion, design, words. Poignant moments grab her, particularly the beauty that exists in very ordinary human experiences such as the ebb and flow of relationships.

In her words:

I feel like creativity is the key to a happy fulfilled life. I’m driven to create, not the other way around. I don’t sit down to write poetry – poetry writes through me in a way. If I don’t have any paper I write on receipts or napkins, though I’m very good these days at always having my notebook with me. And I must say I feel very naked if I have no camera by my side.

Photo credit: Danny Rood