We are two professional women who live and work in Wellington.  We recognised the need for a high-end NZ made store in the northern suburbs of Wellington – so we set up a new company and launched a store, SoulyNZ, in Tawa.   

Our vision is “to provide channels so lovingly beautifully kiwi products can be purchased and treasured”.   We are passionate about supporting New Zealand artists and craftspeople and are totally committed to creating an environment where we can showcase high-quality products which provide both a wide range of options for our customers to choose from, and also complement each other.   


Kareen Holland

Founder of KD One Skincare & Cosmetics, Kareen creates a New Zealand made extensive range of natural and organic skincare products.  

Kareen has a vast knowledge through working in the New Zealand Film industry as a make-up artist working with all types of people from Politicians to people in every walk of life.

Kareen is passionate about supporting other small business and artisans  that create locally handmade products.


Trudy Morrison

Trudy was in the IT industry in Wellington for 19 years, software testing, managing people and clients before leaving to have a break and figure out what to do next. She started creating upcycled jewellery from bicycle inner tubes that would otherwise go to landfill and created her label Plumatic.

If she's not working in the SoulyNZ shop in Tawa or creating jewellery, you'll find her hanging out with her husband and two awesome teenagers, talking to her chickens, enjoying her garden or walking the amazing tracks around Wellington.